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3 Simple Steps

Tooth survey
Before the whitening procedure we check condition of each tooth.

Dental Cleaning
We remove plaque, tartar and stains if it is necessary.

Teeth whitening
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Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane

Even perfectly straight teeth not always fulfill their respective owners. Today a dazzling pearl whiteness is fashionable! Therefore teeth bleaching is one of the most popular services in aesthetic dentistry. If before getting on our website you read a lot of information about bleaching and even started to worry about the safety of this procedure for the health, we assure you that a thorough and numerous studies and clinical trials had proven that modern mobile teeth whitening methods used by dentists are safe for patients.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Brisbane

In our medical center dentists successfully carry out this procedure to patients in all approved standards for a long time. Stationary (office) whitening with help of «Zoom» system carried out in a chair at the dentist. The maximum effect of whitening teeth by 8-13 shades in just one hour is achieved in a single visit. It’s possible to use the option with using the cap for home bleaching which will be made personally for you.

Beyond Polus Whitening System

Since the doctors of our clinic use only tested with private practice and time teeth bleaching methods that give maximum results, so the technique is not an exception. System Beyond Polus is a very gentle lightening by 2-3 tones in one step for 6-7 minutes. These steps are repeated  by necessity of enamel lightening and personal aesthetic wishes of our patients.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Brisbane's CBD

This technique is one of the best types of the office professional teeth whitening, which is used by us exclusively in the clinic in CBD, and is carried out directly by the doctor. Naturally, this service isn’t in the category of «cheap teeth whitening», but in this case the result will be fast and dazzling. You should read in the Internet some laser teeth whitening reviews to understand that it is very similar to photobleaching, but in fact they are different procedures. First, whitening gel is applied on the front surface of the tooth and then the physician activates it with a laser beam, processing each tooth with the laser for 1-2 minutes. On average, the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes, if it’s necessary it can be repeated after some time.

Only the best teeth whitening for you at an affordable price

Teeth whitening deals from our dental center in CBD cover all of the most effective, safe and painless methods that exist for now. When you need quick results and the teeth whitening price has a secondary role for you, we recommend using of stationary (office) whitening. If you are not limited in time, disciplined and motivated, it is possible to use home whitening to obtain an excellent result.

Perhaps the choice will be affected with the teeth whitening cost, but no matter what procedures you choose we guarantee that you will get the desired result at the best price: snow-white teeth and a dazzling smile!

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