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3 Simple Steps

Tooth survey
Before the whitening procedure we check condition of each tooth.

Dental Cleaning
We remove plaque, tartar and stains if it is necessary.

Teeth whitening
2 year warranty for all kinds of teeth whitening!

Clinica dental Alicante

About Us

If you are thinking over how to whiten teeth and looking for a clinic where it can be done efficiently and at an affordable price, then we will be happy to see you in our dental center. Our team works fruitfully in the field of dental services since 2000, and since 2005 we have decided to make aesthetic dentistry a priority of our activity.

Doctors who have been working from 7 to 15 years currently practice in our teeth whitening clinic, they are regular participants of international dental congress, so believe me, we know how to make your teeth white, and to make your smile charming.

We love and appreciate our loyal customers and always welcome new visitors to our center who come to us with the question "How to get white teeth?" So we often hold promotions and competitions for them. The winners usually receive a certificate for a free teeth whitening or a discount of up to 80% on any of teeth whitening service of our center.

Why should you apply to us?

The latest equipment and technology: we surely go with the times, work with the most modern equipment and use only the advanced technology.

Highly qualified staff: successful dentists with great experience carry out all the work in the clinic. Diplomas and certificates of experts presented in the lobby of the dental clinic.

Individual approach: we will create the most comfortable environment for your stay in the clinic, answer all your questions on the office bleaching, tell you how to whiten your teeth at home using special whitening kits, and share with you the secrets of natural teeth whitening.

Best time and the least waiting: we appreciate your time, so we will choose for you the most comfortable hours to visit, as well as coordinate the exact time of it.

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