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3 Simple Steps

Tooth survey
Before the whitening procedure we check condition of each tooth.

Dental Cleaning
We remove plaque, tartar and stains if it is necessary.

Teeth whitening
2 year warranty for all kinds of teeth whitening!

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Teeth Whitening Products

Snow-white teeth with their look not only speak about beauty and health, but also get on the right side of people. Therefore it is natural that we all try to find best teeth whitening products to get from this procedure the maximum result and keep it as long as possible.

Big demand for products of this kind day by day makes harder search of truly effective teeth bleaching kit because there were all kinds of commercially available teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening pens, toothpastes, portable lamps and similar products. And unfortunately not always the products comply with the stated properties ... A small percentage of bleaching agents, which have products of mass consumption, capable on only slight and short-term bleaching activity.

Therefore in order not to give money for poor-quality product, not regret for the time spent, or worse - do harm to your teeth, it is recommended to start turning to our dentist who will gladly answer all your questions. Dentists will show you the results of professional whitening Zoom, Beyond Polus, as well as orientate you at the cost of teeth whitening at home, which is cheaper than a procedure at the clinic and is carried out using custom bleaching tray and special teeth whitening gel.

We assure you that we work only with the best at home teeth whitening kits, which will exactly allow you to get a great result. Our professional dentists complete these sets with gels used in dental offices, as well as custom teeth whitening trays.

How does it work? Our dentist will start from holding briefing with you on teeth whitening at home. This simple procedure involves carrying teeth whitening trays with gel for 45-60 minutes every day. You can carry out the procedure during sleep. Cast teeth model used to make mouth guards, then cast plaster model made. A transparent kappa made on this plaster model in a special device (vacuum-former).

The longer the individual kappa worn, the faster the results obtained. When your teeth will reach the planned level of brightness, you can stop their daily whitening. After that you will have to go through the procedure occasionally to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

To learn more details about all sign up to our consultation - this is absolutely free! The process will take a minimum of your time, you do not spend even a penny, but after a visit to the clinic, you make sure that a white smile can be obtained quickly and cheaply.

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